Patients Reviews

Dr Rudnick is extremely attentive and excellent at diagnosing and treating dermatological conditions. I was most impressed by the time he takes to explain the diagnosis and how knowledgeable he is.


Michelle A. | Jun 08, 2022

Dr. Rudnick and his team are terrific! Everything is explained clearly in a friendly informative way. My appointment was at precisely the scheduled time and they follow up about the care given. Highly recommend!


Susan S. | Jun 06, 2022

Dr was very thorough and patient. He listened to my concerns and took his time to explain everything. Staff is very pleasant and office is extremely clean.


Diana A. | May 31, 2022

Dr. Rudnick and Danielle his PA are very knowledgeable in the science of dermatology. The atmosphere is very inviting and they make you feel very comfortable. I would recommend them to all.


Susan R. | May 27, 2022



Omar E. | May 26, 2022

Very professional office and staff. I could not be happier with the care I received during both of my recent visits Highly recommend.


Joseph O. | May 26, 2022



James C. | May 24, 2022

I first called Dr. Rudnick to be seen the same day and he was able to accommodate my need. I originally went for what I thought was just dandruff as that was the main visible issue. He prescribed me the appropriate shampoo. He was very knowledgeable and cared about what I was going through. Though he was not on my insurance plan, I went anyway due to convenience is being able to see me the same day. I had a follow up schedule for two weeks after my first visit. I had some red spots on my head at my first visit that spread during the next two weeks throughout my body. He was very focused and I could see all the potential diagnoses going through his head as he closely examined me. He ended up on a very rare skin condition called pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) and took 2 biopsies. He confirmed it after viewing the 2 biopsies under the microscope the following day. I had blood work done the same day and he prescribed the appropriate meds that same day. While there is no known treatment plan for PRP, he is doing what he feels is in my best interest. The best treatment with balancing the side effects. This journey has just started but I truly feel I ended up in his office for a reason. He has a passion and truly cares about his patients. I looked forward to updating this review as soon as my condition clears. Note: many patients are often misdiagnosed and it often takes many different dermatologists before getting the to PRP for their condition. I was diagnosed on my second visit when I presented completely different from my first visit. I feel extremely blessed to be under Dr. Rudnick’s care with this very rare skin condition.


Anthony M. | May 22, 2022
" Thank God Dr. Eric Rudnick saw me yesterday and helped me find the cause of my disease and give me the necessary medicine."

Alyona F.
"The doctor and the staff are amazing! If only all doctors offices were this efficient. Highly recommend!"

Zev T.
"Both Dr. Rudnick, and Danielle, were friendly, knowledgeable, and very thorough. They really care about you and take an interest in what you are discussing with them. "

Founder Partner at Spoken Media
"I must say, Dr. Rudnick, his PA Danielle, and the entire staff at Dazzling Dermatology is absolutely outstanding."

elena K.
"Just had my first visit at Dazzling Dermatology. The dermatologists were polite and very knowledgeable! They even helped me save money on my prescription. "

John H.